msXsms Features & Benefits

BNS Group’s msXfax Enterprise fax server is an on-premises fax server with Cloud Connectors to allow it to connect to Exchange online (Office 365 email) natively.  msXfax fax server software runs as a virtual machine offering a powerful and flexible fax over IP solution supporting T.38 real time fax over IP and G.711 fax pass through.

Low risk integration

  • No Active Directory schema changes
  • Nothing installed on Exchange servers
  • No changes to your desktop
  • Works with all versions of Microsoft Office
  • Awarded Microsoft logo 'Certifed for Windows Server 2012'
  • Authorisaton using Active Directory Security groups
  • Any email client supported by Exchange can send and receive SMS
  • Any application process can send and receive SMS text
Enterprise features
  • Built for easy integration of business applications across multiple business units
  • Focus on shared infrastructure solutions and architectures
  • Security access controlled via Active Directory Security Group membership
  • Prevents duplicate messages to the same destination mobile number in a 24 hour period
  • Controls to prevent messages being submitted outside specific time periods. For example: only submit SMS messages between 9am to 8pm
  • Automatic disclaimers appended to each SMS message based on the sending application, business unit or user. Identification is a key requirement under the SPAM ACT 2003. 
  • Meta Data capture from the business process for later reporting 
  • Production and Disaster recovery capabilities are built into the software.
  • Bulk SMS via XML file interface
  • 2 way SMS messaging
  • Inbound SMS routing controls and auto responders
  • Scalable by adding extra msXsms VM instances within the enterprise
  • Works with any SMTP Server but works best with Microsoft Exchange
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities directly from SQL Server including ad hoc reports and graphs
  • Microsoft Exchange routing group controls to manage failover for disaster recovery


 Robust and standards based

  • Built on Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 to 2014+ (SQL Express also supported)
  • Open standards SMTP & SMPP
 Security and Audit controls
  • Audit records held in Microsoft® SQL for compliance reporting
  • Government ISM compliance focused
  • Email Protective Marking compliance
  • SMPP over IP/SEC to SMS message centre
Network Management
  • Integrates with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
  • Management Pack provided for SCOM
  • Most network management products can send SMS alerts via msXsms
  • In-built distribution group for network notification alerts to a group of mobile numbers

As Used By

BNS Group Canberra

PO BOX 671 Woden
ACT 2606 Australia
Tel +61 (2) 62312704
Fax +61 (2) 61986500

BNS Group Sydney

Tel +61 (2) 99720113