msXfax Enterprise Fax Server

msXfax Licensing

Version 8 licences for msXfax will be provided to customers who have purchased a 7.6 license at no extra charge. Customers will have 12 months to migrate from physical fax servers to VM editions. Note: Version 8 requires a one time purchase of Fax ... More

msXfax ver 8 editions

BNS Group's msXfax Enterprise fax server is an on-premises fax server with Cloud Connectors to allow it to connect to Exchange online (Office 365 email) natively. msXfax fax server software runs as a virtual machine offering a powerful and flexible ... More

msXfax ver 8 download

Version 8.3 build 28 20 August 2018 XCAPI edition of msXfax Enterprise Fax Cloud Connector Download msXfax version 8.3 build 28 XCAPI edition MSI Download msXfax version 8.3 build 28 XCAPI edition ZIP format Brooktrout ... More

msXfax ver 8 documentation

Installers Guide msXfax Fax Server for use with On-Premises Exchange or Hybrid Exchange\365 msXfax Fax Server for use with pure Office 365 or Google mail (ie: for customers with no Exchange Server) Administrator Guide Download Administrator guide ... More

msXfax ver 8 support

msXfax Enterprise licenses are subscription based which automatically includes technical support and software maintenance during the subscription period. BNS provides support 9am to 6pm Sydney Australia time. Our support and development team is ... More

msXfax ver 8 SIP Trunk support

BNS has successfully tested msXfax with a Sonus session border controller on the Optus Evolve SIP Trunk Service. BNS confirms the following tests were performed. Connectivity testing using G.711 fax pass through at speeds of 28,800bps ... More

msXfax ver 8 datasheets

... More

msXfax Interoperability

msXfax version 8.1 has successfully been tested with Ricoh Managed Mobile Print version 2.11.7 msXfax supports Sonus Session Border Controllers and other IP based telephony services. ... More

msXfax ver 8 Developer resources

msXfax supports industry standard SMTP as the most efficient method for an application to send faxes. Refer to the developers guide below. ... More

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