Scalable, secure SMS.

BNS Enterprise SMS Server is a scalable secure SMS text messaging software solution deployed in your own cloud tenancy or your own data centre.

The SMS Server uses SMS industry standards to send SMS messages to a variety of SMS service providers using industry-standard SMPP\TLS encryption over the Internet.

Applications can send SMS using SQL or email as the interface to the SMS Server platform.  Users can send SMS messages using internal email from their email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft SQL Server is used to store SMS data for: data analytics, controls, compliance and audit.

A powerful Microsoft PowerBi data analytics module is provided to analyse meta-data provided by applications or provide insights into the use of SMS within the enterprise.

Receiving SMS messages is supported by delivering SMS messages to applications and users via email or a SQL database. Routing of inbound SMS is based on the receiving SMS number at the SMS Server.

High availability is provided at all three layers of the solution, including:

  • Platform layer Azure\AWS (SQL High availability)
  • Application layer (SMS server level)
  • SMS service provider layer (SMS Delivery)

The solution allows a choice of SMS service providers allowing the best per SMS message rate from a list of tested SMS service providers.  Changing providers is possible, allowing you to negotiate the best possible rate.  Without using a solution like BNS’s enterprise SMS server means, you would use a proprietary REST API from a single provider, making it difficult to change and challenging to negotiate per-message rates.

The solution allows for primary and backup SMS service providers allowing redundancy at the service provider level.   If the SMS server cannot reach the primary SMS service provider, the SMS server will automatically failover to the backup SMS service provider for some time. Switching back to the primary SMS service provider is also automatic after communication is restored to the primary SMS service provider.

Extensive testing and verification in both AWS and Azure provide enterprise customers the confidence that the SMS Server software meets cloud-high availability, security, and design compliance.

The SMS Server software was awarded two software badges as part of the AWS ISV accelerate program.  AWS Foundation Technical Review (AWS verified software) and AWS RDS service-ready badge.

Cloud services fully tested:

  • AWS EC2 Windows Server 2022
  • AWS RDS MS SQL Server Multi-AZ (version 2019 and 2022)
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance

Which SMS Service providers has BNS Enterprise SMS Server been tested with?

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