Add Fax to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

30 August 2019

Sydney Australia

BNS Group release support for Microsoft Teams in msXfax, a powerful SIP based fax server capable of running on-premises or in Azure, AWS and other cloud platforms.

Designed to work alongside session border controllers (SBC)  which support T.38, the solution allows inbound and outbound faxing from Exchange on-premises or Exchange online using the same SBC supporting Teams Direct Routing.

Additionally, inbound fax can be routed to a Teams channel in addition to other destinations such as any email address or Exchange Distribution Groups etc.

Outbound fax is supported from any email client or application using Exchange on-premises, Exchange online or other IMAP\SMTP based email services.

Example of SBCs supporting Teams direct routing is the Ribbon SBC Edge series.  The SBC must support  T.38 version 0 on the internal side of the network and transcode to G711 on the SIP Trunk side.    Subject to your design, it may be suitable to use G711 fax pass through between msXfax and the SBC if msXfax is hosted in the same data centre LAN as the SBC.  Contact BNS for advice.

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