BNS Group is the first ISV in Australia to announce support for MS SQL 2022 on AWS RDS platform

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BNS Group, Australia’s leading provider of enterprise SMS communications software is delighted to announce that it has fully tested its software with the latest AWS RDS MS SQL 2022 platform in 12 days since AWS released it.

“We must be the first ISV in Australia to formally announce support for the latest AWS RDS MS SQL 2022 platform,” said Clive Pereira Director R&D. “We have spent most of 2023 working on routines which detect abrupt cloud SQL disconnections and entering a 4 layer phase recovery code base. Testing against the very latest RDS MS SQL 2022 technology from AWS was a great opportunity for us as we were already doing quality assurance testing of a new build”.

AWS released its RDS MS SQL 2022 offering mid November 2023 Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports SQL Server 2022 | AWS Database Blog

BNS immediately started testing AWS RDS MS SQL 2022 Multi-AZ failover in AP-Southeast-2 with its latest Enterprise SMS Server software build.

BNS tested over a period of 12 days to ensure that its technology continued to meet the high standards required by the AWS RDS Service Ready Partner program. BNS continues to innovate with AWS placing the company in the top 2% of AWS partners globally.

As an AWS RDS Service Ready Partner, BNS Group will continue to collaborate with AWS to provide its customers with seamless, reliable, and scalable communication solutions that are optimised for use with RDS, such as the Enterprise SMS Server. This designation underscores BNS Group’s ability to help customers optimise their database performance and improve their overall cloud infrastructure.

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