BNS Integrates Sensitivity Labels in SQL API for SMS Cloud Apps

In today’s digital world, robust data governance and security are crucial. As cloud applications grow, organisations need stringent measures for data protection and compliance. To address this, BNS has integrated sensitivity label support into its new SQL API for cloud-based SMS messaging.

Boosting Data Security with Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview offers comprehensive tools for governing and protecting data across various environments. It tackles challenges like data fragmentation and lack of visibility that often hinder effective data management. By incorporating sensitivity labelling into cloud workflows, organisations can ensure consistent data protection wherever their data resides.

Microsoft Purview consolidates the capabilities of Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance solutions into a single platform, enabling organisations to:

Gain Data Visibility: Provides a unified view of the data landscape, essential for identifying risks and ensuring compliance.
Safeguard Sensitive Data: Offers advanced protection across the data lifecycle, preventing unauthorised access and breaches.
Streamline Governance: Simplifies data governance, facilitating the enforcement of protection rules and regulatory compliance.
Manage Data Risks: Helps identify and mitigate critical risks, ensuring sensitive data is handled according to regulatory standards.

BNS’s Role in Securing SMS Messaging

BNS’s integration of Microsoft Purview’s sensitivity label support into its SQL API enhances the security of SMS messages sent via cloud applications. This integration ensures messages are classified according to sensitivity labels, aligning with stringent data protection standards.

Clive Pereira, R&D Technical Director at BNS, highlights:

“We recently announced support for Microsoft Purview for our SMS email interface and support for the Australian Signals Directorate Blueprint for secure cloud specifications. We decided it was important for workflow applications to classify their SMS requests with the same sensitivity labelling in the SQL API Database interface. If a classification does not meet the allowed classification of the SMS gateway, the SMS will be blocked from sending to the public SMS network.”

This integration not only strengthens data security but also ensures compliance with frameworks like the Australian Signals Directorate Blueprint for secure cloud standards. By leveraging Microsoft Purview, BNS is setting new benchmarks for secure and compliant SMS messaging in the cloud.

The addition of sensitivity label support in BNS’s SQL API marks a significant advancement in data governance and protection for cloud applications. Organisations seeking to improve their data governance and security should consider integrating solutions like Microsoft Purview to safeguard sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements in a complex digital landscape.

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