FaxPloit Vulnerability

15 August 2018

A vulnerability explicit to JPEG color faxing on HP Multi-Function Devices has been reported by Checkpoint.


BNS Group’s fax server solution does not support inbound creation of JPEG and does not use any parsers for JPEG.

Therefore, BNS Group’s fax server is not affected by the reported exploit.

For Government and high security networks, BNS Group’s fax server solutions allow for network separation and protective marking compliance amongst other security features.

BNS Group’s fax solutions allow MFD vendors to remove fax cards and fax lines from office MFDs providing a more secure centralised fax server solution for faxing.

For Government and High Security networks, BNS Group and Ricoh have achieved fax support on Ricoh MFDs without using analog phone lines connected to MFDs.    

Significant cost savings are possible by removing office based analog phone lines and centralising fax communications over modern day SIP connections using Session Border Controllers or SIP Service providers.

As customers move to Unified Communications, removal of legacy analog phone lines becomes an important consideration for solution architects.

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