Is Fax Dead?

Is Fax Dead?

The fax machine is an integral part of our past, but it still has a place in today’s world. Global statistics show that billions around the globe are sent every year, and many Millennials can’t think when they’ve ever needed to send one themselves! So why do we have this ancient device?


Technology has always been a vulnerable target for hackers and cybercriminals. The Internet was not designed with security, meaning anyone can be hacked anytime – even if you think your account is secure!

What’s worse than having personal data compromised? Not knowing it until after the fact when there’s little chance of recovery or reversing those damages done because no one ever told us how much trouble our negligence caused others

Faxes are a popular method of communication for many reasons, including their ability to remain secure when compared with other methods. For these privacy-conscious individuals who have learned about hacking in the media and want nothing else can happen – they will continue using faxes even though there’s an easier way because, at least this way, their message gets delivered.


Fax technology pre-dates the turn of the century and has not been completely replaced. Furthermore, in 1964, Xerox Corporation introduced LDX (Long Distance Xerography), an invention considered the first “commercial” version of today’s fax machine.


The fax machine is still prevalent in countries where electronic or digital signatures aren’t yet recognised as legal. When physical signatures are needed, you can quickly receive a document via fax and sign it before scanning your signature onto the screen for sending back to whoever sent out this vital information! Businesses don’t just use faxes- they’re also employed within most industries that require authorisations such as finance (signing cheques), education (teaching courses) and more – that’s a lot of signatures needed per year.

The convenience of a fax machine is unparalleled in these places where people often need documents signed.

Internet access

The fax machine is a great way to communicate and share essential documents in areas where it would otherwise be extremely difficult or time consuming. The reliance on the telephone rather than Internet allows people who cannot access an online connection, such as those living off-the grid with no electricity supply for their home computers at all times of day (or night), can still get business done by relying upon this old technology that has been around since 1857.

Online faxing

Internet faxing has made it possible for people who want the security and convenience of a traditional office-based fax machine, but don’t live in an area surrounded by them or have access to one at all times. The same concept behind this old technology is utilised through online sending/receiving which allows you send or receive documents from your computer browser anywhere with internet connection.

The Bottom Line

Never have there been more options available to businesses to communicate internally and externally with stakeholders.

BNS’ msXfax Enterprise fax server is a virtual machine fax server with Cloud Connectors to allow it to connect to Exchange on-premises, Exchange Online (Office 365 email) or another email system, effectively managing outbound and inbound fax calls, delivering them efficiently to the correct destination.

It is an ideal solution for large enterprise customers or even small-sized businesses who understand the importance of maintaining privacy in fax communications with their customers and trading partners.

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