msXfax V8 1 Million Fax Pages

BNS has successfully certified and load tested Dialogic Media Gateway model 2060 with V.34 support and msXfax version 8 services as follows:

  • SR140 Brooktrout Fax over IP drivers
  • msXfax version 8 services
  • Dialogic media gateway DMG2060 V.34
  • Windows 2008R2 with SP1 Virtual Machine

A total of 200,000 separate fax transmissions each 5 pages were sent and received via DMG2060 totaling 1million fax pages in June 2013.

“It is very important for our customers to know that vendor interoperability has been properly tested. Our large customers rely on our fax servers to be robust and reliable, this has been our focus for over a decade or more” Laurence Buchanan Marketing Director BNS.

BNS will release msXfax version 8 DMZ only edition (VM edition) 10th September 2013 for high security customers such as Defence.

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