msXfax V8 Enterprise Fax Cloud Connector

BNS is pleased to announce the availability of its new enterprise fax server platform leveraging fax over IP technologies for unified communications cloud strategies our customers are rapidly moving to.

msXfax version 8 runs in a virtual machine optimized for Windows Server 2012 R2 and was awarded the Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 logo (August 2014).

“We had to adapt our licensing strategy as many of our customers including Suncorp Group (AWS Case Study), are moving some of their platforms into Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.”

“We have worked with Suncorp’s Unified Communications team to ensure our technology is agile and flexible within AWS”.  “This is the first release of our latest enterprise fax server product which can be used by services providers wanting to set up a secure fax service for their clients”,  said Clive Pereira  BNS Director of R&D.

msXfax enhanced security edition supports Australian Government Email Protective Marking standards 2012.3 the latest standards used in Federal Government SMTP based platforms.

By December 2014, BNS plan to ship the SQL backend interface & provisioning layers along with SQL reporting tools.

“Strategically, cloud to cloud IP layer services will be a growth area from 2015”,  said Laurence Buchanan, BNS Director & CEO. “We are well positioned to offer our customers a direct IP Fax connector to Telcos such as Optus and Telstra using SIP Trunk services encrypted and secured with Session Border Controllers”.

Many Internet Fax service providers use offshore document handling even though the number is a local fax number.  Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) introduced on 12 March 2014 cover these issues and your business would be in breach of APP’s if leakage of customer information occurred at the service provider or the risk of data stored offshore did not meet your own Corporate governance standards.

A direct cloud to Telco SIP Trunk fax connector, secured and encrypted, overcomes these concerns as the delivery of fax is real time directly between you and your Telco’s cloud.

msXfax supports sending and receiving faxes from:
  • On-Premises Exchange Server 2007-2013
  • Office365
  • Gmail for business
  • Most other email systems

Our customers understand the legal importance of fax communications and the need to secure sensitve data 

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