msXfax V8 Optus SIP Trunk & Sonus SBC

BNS has successfully tested msXfax with a Sonus session border controller on the Optus Evolve SIP Trunk Service.

BNS confirms the following tests were performed.

  • Connectivity testing using G.711 fax pass through at speeds of 28,800bps
  • Sending to fax destinations on the PSTN domestic and international
  • Receiving fax calls from the Optus SIP Trunk Service.
  • Sonus SBC testing confirmed using G.711 28,800bps
  • Security classifications not allowed to the public network were blocked by msXfax.
  • Exchange Server / Office 365 testing as part of the platform test.
  • T.38 support on the internal enterprise network is supported at 14.4kbps.
  • Sonus SBC performs transcoding from T.38 to G.711 (internal to Optus)
  • XCAPI Fax over IP drivers also tested with Sonus SBC over Optus SIP Trunk.

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