Secure Office 365 PSTN Faxing Australia

24 September 2018 Sydney Australia

BNS Group is pleased to announce the availability of an Australian first  secure Office 365 PSTN faxing solution with Comvergence (Australian Cloud PSTN Service provider)  providing Office 365 customers a secure faxing solution using Azure or on-premises virtual machine Fax Connector software msXfax.

Similar to what Microsoft and Telstra offered to Office 365 Australian customers in 2018 for PSTN voice calling to the PSTN,  BNS Group and Comvergence partnered to offer secure 2-way faxing from Office 365 using a customer’s Azure\on-premises  Windows Server VM to the PSTN.

Security between Office 365 and Azure\On-premises VM uses TLS.  Security between Azure\On-premises firewall uses IP\SEC to Comvergence for PSTN connectivity.

No files or fax images are stored in Comvergence ensuring that the customer complies with privacy laws in Australia.

Australian Federal Government customers have added features for compliance with the Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Manual – Email Protective Marking gateway filtering.

msXfax enhanced security edition is deployed within Azure\On-premises VM to check for allowed classifications\DLMs which are allowed to pass information to the PSTN fax network.

Email Protective Markings can be configured to allow faxing to the PSTN Fax network. Excamples:  DLM=Sensitive:Legal, SEC=UNCLASSIFIED, SEC=UNOFFICIAL.

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