SMS Gateway supports Protective Markings 2012.2 & 2012.3

msXsms Enterprise software version 1.7.33 build 323 supports 2012.2 & 2012.3 email protective marking standards for Australian Government.

2011.1 is supported for UNOFFICIAL & UNCLASSIFIED only.

msXsms Enterprise Software version 1.7.33 build 323 supports Dissemination Limiting Markers (DLM). Typically, a Government customer will send UNCLASSIFIED with a qualifier DLM such as SENSITIVE.

Unclassified is not a security classification and therefore msXsms Enterprise software will filter for a DLM only in accordance with the standards 2012.2/3.

Customer who configure Subject based EPM will have the benefit of the Security classification / DLM being sent in the SMS message. Typical usage on the public SMS network will be Unofficial, Unclassified and DLM only for unclassified messaging.

If you require more information please contact Laurence Buchanan 0412 869531

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