msXsms Enterprise SMS Server for Office 365 & Microsoft Exchange

BNS Group’s msXsms SMS Connector is an enterprise-grade SMS solution that can consolidate different messaging requirements across multiple companies and departments to a single robust, reliable and scalable messaging platform allowing better cost management, compliance and controls.

msXsms uses open and industry standards SMPP & SMTP protocols and uses Microsoft SQL Server as the interface for business applications to send and receive SMS messages. The absence of an open standards-based SMS gateway compliant with Australian Government Security guidelines was another key driver for commercial development of msXsms.

Benefits of using the msXsms platform include:

  • Easily on-board business applications with minimal coding
  • Your business applications use SQL server in cloud or on-premises to send and receive SMS
  • Avoids any future re-programming should the underlying SMS provider change
  • Avoids using proprietary REST APIs unique to a single SMS provider
  • Allows high availability message routing within the enterprise messaging backbone (eg: multiple exchange transport servers)
  • Allows production to DR failover of SMS traffic.
  • Allows multiple SMS providers to be supported for high availability at the SMS provider level.
  • Primary and backup SMS providers are switched automatically without any application changes.
  • Industry-standard SMPP implementation at the SMS server supports many SMS service providers allowing best possible contract rates to be negotiated.
  • For example, it will check for duplicate messages to the same mobile over a 24 hour period. This is configurable.
  • Ideal for Government as the platform supports the Australian email protective marking standards 2018.3.

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