Communications Platform as a Service

Communications Platform as a Service

We live in an era where personal communication can happen on the go — we’re always connected, and our phones never stop ringing. So why should business communications be any different?

Today’s customers expect to be able contact us from any device, on the platform of their choice and get information or support that they need instantly. For businesses this means having a comprehensive digital strategy which ensures multichannel communications are consistent; streamlining interactions by keeping everything logged and recorded continuously – including chat conversations as well customer advocacy initiatives like social media posts about a brand.

A CPaaS solution can trigger an outreach in the form of email, text message or a phone call when certain actions occur. For example: A customer books their appointment through a website; a business updates shipping information on products page to ensure accurate orders with no mistakes due date changes etc… All these actions are recorded by a system which then sends out appropriate messages based on what has been happening.

In the case of the BNS enterprise SMS Server Solution, this is an SMS message.

The benefits of using a CPaaS solution are clear. It allows a business to engage with customers, partners and other stakeholders in more efficient ways that help create meaningful connections between all parties involved- removing any unnecessary barriers for prompt communication while also bringing all parties closer together as an organisation.

With inbuilt automation, brands can scale rapidly without having to worry about the overhead costs of managing each channel individually.

The result is an integrated communication capability that works seamlessly with applications and platforms in use today, taking the customer experience to the next level in terms of availability, reliability, and ease of use.

Enterprise SMS Server software security

BNS’s enterprise SMS server software runs in the customer’s cloud tenancy, shielding sensitive SMS data from service providers. The SMS Server software sends the necessary information to the SMS network provider via secure encryption protocols considered industry standards.

Service providers in Australia and a few other nations are obligated to keep the data safe after it has been transmitted to the SMS network. All metadata supplied by the customer’s applications through the SMS Server software is securely stored in customer’s SQL databases in the customer’s cloud tenancy and isn’t accessible to any SMS service provider.

The SMS Server software offers comprehensive analytics tools that allow customers to analyse how well their services perform.

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