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msXsms Certified for Windows Server 2019

3 December 2018 Sydney Australia BNS Group's SMS text messaging Server Software has been awarded the Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 logo. Microsoft's Commercial App Certification is a validation service for cloud and on-premise ... More

msXfax Certified for Windows Server 2019

3 December 2018 Sydney Australia BNS Group's Fax Server Software has been awarded the Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 logo. Microsoft's Commercial App Certification is a validation service for cloud and on-premise applications built-on ... More

Secure Office 365 PSTN Faxing Australia

24 September 2018 Sydney Australia BNS Group is pleased to announce the availability of an Australian first secure Office 365 PSTN faxing solution with Comvergence (Australian Cloud PSTN Service provider) providing Office 365 customers a secure ... More

msXfax Fax Server Ver 8 Build 28

BNS is pleased to announce general release of msXfax Fax Server (Cloud Connector) version 8 build 28. msXfax Fax Server technology now runs in clouds such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. It also allows customers to provide enterprise faxing securely ... More

FaxPloit Vulnerability

15 August 2018 A vulnerability explicit to JPEG color faxing on HP Multi-Function Devices has been reported by Checkpoint. BNS Group's fax server solution does not support ... More

MFD faxing without Fax cards or phone lines

msXfax fax connector supports Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) using SMTP as a transport between the MFD and msXfax. Many office machine vendors offer capabilities to create applications on their MFDs which can allow users to send faxes via internal ... More

msXfax accredited by Telstra

12 June 2018 msXfax Enterprise Fax Server software with Ribbon Communications Sonus SBC1k\2K Session Border Controller (SBC) has been accredited for connection to the Telstra SIP Connect. The Telstra “Notice of Compliance” is for the ... More

End of Support for Brooktrout SR140

Sydney Australia 7 July 2017 BNS announces a 2 year lead time for end of support for Brooktrout SR140 drivers in its msXfax software. End of support for Brooktrout SR140 is 30 June 2019 Customer upgrade offers and further information refer ... More

msXfax Appliance using Sonus SBC

Sydney Australia 9 March 2017 BNS release msXfax version 8.1 with XCAPI for use on Sonus SBC with the Application Solution Module. Ideal for installations of an appliance solution in a secure DMZ or where a VM platform fax server is not the ideal ... More

Windows Server 2016 support

BNS has successfully tested msXfax version 8.1 with Windows Server 2016 and Exchange 2016. Sonus session border controllers 1000 & 2000, Office 2016 on Windows 10, Optus SIP Trunks & ISDN lab configurations. ... More

Developers guide for msXfax

Developers can send faxes by simply sending an email from their application \ device to msXfax either directly or via SMTP infrastructure such as Microsoft Exchange. BNS uses SMTP because it is simple to implement. ... More

msXfax version 8.1 supporting XCAPI

Version 8.1 build 22 supports XCAPI Fax over IP Drivers from TE-Systems is now available for download. Version 8.1 has been fully tested with Sonus Session Border Controllers using T.38 (internal customer networks) with both ISDN and Optus Evolve SIP ... More

msXfax V8 Optus SIP Trunk & Sonus SBC

BNS has successfully tested msXfax with a Sonus session border controller on the Optus Evolve SIP Trunk Service. BNS confirms the following tests were performed. Connectivity testing using G.711 fax pass through at speeds of 28,800bps ... More

Add Fax to Skype for Business

msXfax interoperability with Sonus session border controllers provides Skype for Business/Lync customers the ability to share telephony connections ISDN BRI, E1/T1 & SIP Trunks for both Fax and Voice. For more information refer to the datasheet. ... More

msXfax V8 tested with Sonus SBC

1 June 2015 BNS tested msXfax version 8 build 19 with Sonus SBC (1000) version 4.1.1 build 377 using 2 stress tests: Stress test #1 A total of 50,000 faxes of 1 page each sent from a 30 channel transmit fax server to the SBC then routed via ISDN ... More

Enterprise SMS Connector tested with Telstra Integrated Messaging

14 November 2014 msXsms Enterprise SMS Connector today passed certification tests with Telstra Integrated Messaging using open standard SMPP protocols. BNS Group's Enterprise SMS Connector runs on a Windows Virtual Machine inside the customer's ... More

Exchange 2013 certification testing

msXfax Enterprise Fax Cloud Connector has been fully tested with Exchange 2013 Enterprise On-Premises and Office 365. Enterprise customers with On-premises, Hybrid or Office 365 can implement BNS's fax cloud connector knowing their investment will be ... More

msXfax V8 Enterprise Fax Cloud Connector

BNS is pleased to announce the availability of its new enterprise fax server platform leveraging fax over IP technologies for unified communications cloud strategies our customers are rapidly moving to. msXfax version 8 runs in a virtual machine ... More

msXfax V8 1million fax pages

BNS has successfully certified and load tested Dialogic Media Gateway model 2060 with V.34 support and msXfax version 8 services as follows: SR140 Brooktrout Fax over IP drivers msXfax version 8 services Dialogic media gateway DMG2060 ... More

msXfax version 8 information

msXfax version 8 will be released in various editions throughout 2013 and 2014. The DMZ edition on a physical fax server was released mid 2013 for high security customers requiring a fax server with Windows 2008R2. Product information for msXfax ... More

msXsms documentation updated Windows 2012

Refer to the msXsms documentation section for the latest documentation. ... More

msXsms supports broadcast XML file based submissions

XML file based submissions are now supported in msXsms Enterprise software version 1.7.33 build 323. A maximum of 50,000 records per XML file is supported to ensure that maximum performance is maintained. Customer applications can submit multiple XML ... More

SMS Gateway supports Protective Markings 2012.2 & 2012.3

msXsms Enterprise software version 1.7.33 build 323 supports 2012.2 & 2012.3 email protective marking standards for Australian Government. 2011.1 is supported for UNOFFICIAL & UNCLASSIFIED only. msXsms Enterprise Software version 1.7.33 build ... More

msXsms version 1.7.33 build 323

Version 1.7.33 build 323 of msXsms Enterprise software supports Broadcast bulk submission services and Email Protective Marking standards 2012.2 and 2012.3 ... More

BNS wins iAward 2012

7th July 2012, Canberra Australia Better Network Services (BNS) Group wins the Australian Capital Territory State iAward in the security category for its Security controlled and audited UNCLASSIFIED fax solution for Government. The 2012 ... More

msXfax Protective Marking Standard 2012.2

msXfax version 7.6 supports the new standard 2012.3 and the older standards eg: 2005.6. msXfax version 7.6 build 357 with a service patch supports Dissemination Limiting Markers (DLM). Customers can now use DLM's in addition to SEC=UNCLASSIFIED or ... More

UNCLASSIFIED fax solution using Ricoh MFD

16 September 2011, BNS releases technology for Australian Government which can assist in reducing potential leakage of classified information (Wiki-leaks) using facsimile transmissions. Unaudited fax machines located in highly secure Government ... More

Increased SMS Capacity aids Suncorp in QLD Floods

... More

SMS Gateway Government version released

Canberra Australia, 14 September 2010 BNS Group today announced the availability of its msXsms Enterprise SMS Gateway software for Australian Government. msXsms Enterprise SMS gateway software focuses on targeted areas of the Australian ... More

msXsms wins ACT state iAward for communications

SMS assists storm and flood victims receives ACT state iAward Canberra Australia, 15 July 2010. 2010 natural disasters in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tornado affected regions around Lennox Head in New South Wales have increased the ... More

Suncorp & GIO use msXsms

2010 natural disasters in Queensland, Victoria and then Western Australia have increased the need for insurance companies to process claims quickly and effectively. For one of the biggest general insurers, Suncorp, the increase in claims highlighted the ... More

msXfax integration with TRIM Context

Customers with TRIM Context can integrate msXfax audit image files and other received faxes directly into TRIM's document folder processing sub-system. Supported in msXfax version 7.x 3rd Party Integration notes for TRIM Context ... More

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